We live in a society where individuals are increasingly averse to confrontation. Today, in the middle of the “information age” we have never been so connected, and simultaneously never had such difficulty with interpersonal communication.

We love to talk, to laugh, to share our moments together. But some conversations are simply too difficult, too important, too terrifying for some people. The number of those people is steadily growing as our society evolves.

I exist to help you with those situations. The heavies, the truly difficult conversations. I am here, to have those conversations for you, on your behalf. Do you have a relationship that you really need to end, but can’t bear the thought of having that talk? I can do it for you.

Do you have an employee that should have been fired six months ago, and the only reason they still have a job is you can’t find the nerve to fire them? Let me handle the hard parts for you.

Did your company just downsize and now you have to terminate two-hundred people, and the thought of doing that has kept you up for a week? I’m happy to be your hatchetman.

These are just a few examples of the thousands of situations, each one unique, that I exist to serve you in. I’m here to take the heat, the yelling, the crying, the emotional scarring, so that you don’t have to.

For a fair price, I will have any conversation, with any person, on any subject that you need.

Each situation is unique, there is no standard answers to these type of scenarios. So all of this is a one of a kind situation. I have decades of experience not only with professional speaking, but with relationship counseling on all levels and types. Depending on your wishes, I can let them down gently, or crush their soul. I can be the tender best friend, or your personal henchman. Whatever you need, and whatever the situation calls for. I can be the voice, the confidence, the fearlessness, or the tenderness that you can’t for whatever reason.