We can help with almost any issue. Examples include – but are certainly not limited to:

Personal Relationship

  • Breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Ending an affair.
  • Telling your spouse you want a divorce.
  • Telling friends or family that you are getting a divorce.
  • Notification of a death (either people or pets).
  • The Talk (fundamentals of safe sex with your kids)
  • Telling someone they have a disease (STD, Cancer, etc).
  • Telling someone you’re pregnant.
  • Telling someone you’re having an abortion.
  • Coming out to someone.
  • Telling someone you’re interested in them (and or gauging their interest in you).

Professional Relationships

  • Employment Termination (single or multiple).
  • Telling your boss you quit.
  • Addressing hygiene concerns with staff.
  • Addressing repeated complaints to an employee.
  • Addressing other uncomfortable human resources items.
  • Crafting responses/damage control to that awkward email you didn’t mean to send.
  • Negotiating a raise.
  • Be a listening ear to an employee who needs to vent.